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Why should we have a telegram channel?

Telegram has become the most popular social application among users these days, and recently introduced a new feature called Channel, and was able to increase its fans. Now we want to review what is happening in cyberspace, especially social networks, to understand the importance of the Telegram channel so that we can properly experience a new way of digital campaigns, especially social network marketing, so as not to lag behind the hot market of virtual advertising.

We all know Telegram and increasing Telegram membership is very important for businesses. The reason is that most of us use Telegram and this is a good opportunity for businesses to introduce their services and products to users and compatriots. With our experience in this field, we suggest to you how to buy Telegram members. Because a useful way to increase membership in this popular social network in the world.

Be sure to remember where you buy the member from and whether the service you order to buy the Telegram member fits your needs or not. In this case, we were thinking about you. You can get free advice from our supporters and ask your questions. You can contact our support team by touching the following ID:@mayashfe

We fully listen to your needs

Our main priority is to fully understand your needs and your goal of being on social media.

We offer the best solutions

Once we fully understand your needs, we will implement the best and fastest solution for your success in social networks.

You will be informed of all the work steps

After registering your order in TGMember, you can be informed about the steps of your order by calling or sending a telegram message to the ID: Mayashfe.

You will not be left alone, we are with you

Our work will not end after you place your order, but we will be with you after the work to provide additional training and free consultations.


Ten simple commands to have a value-creating and quality channel in Telegram:


To attract the audience, do not exchange links with any unrelated and vulgar channels.

It is better to add one permanent member to our channel per week than one hundred people to join the channel in one day and at the end of the week, all of them leave the channel or do not bother to open the channel themselves.


If you are just a copywriter and you have nothing new to say. Ignore channel launch.

The telegram channel should be considered a great place to strengthen the “content production muscles”.


Advertisement is forbidden! We are not going to use Telegram just to direct the audience to our site.

When on the channel, I just post links to my site content, it makes me feel bad, I think we should publish at least seventy percent of our content completely on the channel and spend twenty to thirty percent on publishing links. About the publication of the advertisement, this ratio should be ninety to ten.


This is probably the most important point for producing content in Telegram. We should write as concisely as possible.


The audience of Telegram does not have the patience to read long things!

It is true that Telegram, like Twitter, does not have a 140-character limit, but I think we should consider such a limit for our channel for ourselves.



Do not be afraid to publish the audio file.

The audience of Telegram likes listening to podcasts, but if you have a cold or just woke up and your voice is blocked, do not record the audio file!

Podcast publishing is so useful that it is worth buying a microphone for yourself.



Use high-quality photos.

Try to have your own identity and visual style.



What is your goal in launching the Telegram channel?

Goals such as monetization, networking, education, brand development, advertising, etc. can be your main goals for building a telegram channel.

But if you want to be sustainable and effective, your first goal is to create value and help others before all of the above. Try to be as useful to your channel members as you can.

You will be amazed at the achievements of such a view.


8. Writing compelling posts is one way to engage your audience with the channel.



Have a content calendar.

It is not necessary because building a channel in Telegram is free and available to everyone, to say the least. Must have content and calendar updates for our channel.

If you want to be known as a reference and authoritative channel, try to have a content calendar and even plan for content publishing hours. It is better to refresh the channel at least in two or three different times of the day.

Also, republishing previous blog posts is a useful thing, after all, some good channel posts are always hidden from the view of some members.



Telegram, houses on the water!

After all, having a channel in the telegram is like building a house on the water.

The production and dissemination of content on social networks is a work in progress that others have created for us, and we may lose thousands of members of your channel in the blink of an eye with a single click or a strange and unforeseen event.

If you are now on the TGMember site and you want to buy a Telegram member, you own a Telegram channel or the administrator of several Telegram channels, and one of your most important concerns is to increase the number of Telegram members. Once they have added a real member for you and once a fake Telegram member!

Will our channel be blocked by Telegram by purchasing a Telegram member?

If you do not have the patience to read the rest of the text, I have to say “no” in one word.

Currently, Telegram blocks channels only because of copyright and immoral content, which we have discussed in an article on how to increase Telegram membership in the blog section. You can read the article by visiting the blog section below.

Will the members lose by buying Telegram members?

It depends on whether you buy a fake member or a real one, any kind of real member will fall because they are real users and if they do not like the content of the channel, they will miss it, but fake member, as we explained in the section above, two models with a fall And they have no loss, if you buy a member without a loss, it will not be a loss on the part of the members, but if Telegram detects it, it may delete them.

the most valuable type of member?

Follow us in the rest of the article to find the answers to these questions.

Today, social networks and messengers have become an integral element in the lives of people around the world.

Our country is no exception to this rule and many worlds use different messengers and social networks every day.

But one of the top messengers that have been able to attract the most audience in the world is the popular Telegram messengers.

Telegram with its unique features such as a very smooth user interface, the possibility of using it as a cloud space, very high-security and. It has become the first option for online messaging.

One of the most attractive features of Telegram is the existence of channels.


Buy Real Telegram Members

Buy Fake Telegram Members


Buy real members

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to increase the number of channel members is to buy members.

But how is this done? There are different types of members and methods for doing this, but the most effective type is buying real members.

Fake or bot members are just passive ids that subscribe en masse to channels.

But these members will never buy from you, will never even visit your posts, and will only increase the number of members.

Therefore, buying real members is the best option for your channel.


Why buy members from TGMembers?

With a team specializing in social media marketing, TJMembers increases the number of Telegram members of your page purposefully and practically.

Leave the attraction of your real, active, and purposeful member to us.

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