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How to keep your Telegram channel members?

The things I have mentioned so far were to increase the Telegram channel members.

But more important than increasing the number of Telegram channel members is to think about preserving them.

In many cases, retaining channel members is much more tedious than raising them.

The following tips will help you retain most of your channel members.

Why buy Telegram members ??

Today, social applications have become very popular among the people, among which Telegram has a very large share in social networks so that almost most companies and government organizations also use this network to inform and report on their services.

In the meantime, there are people who have created a business for themselves by creating telegram channels, but the competition for increasing the members and in other words, making the channels more populous has increased day by day, and we have reached the principle that among telegram channels The more successful ones have more members and more credibility through these members, but the point is how to get your Telegram channel on track with the cheapest services, one of the most common tasks for a new channel.

It has been established and it is considered anonymous.

Buy cheap Telegram members, suppose you are the person who enters the channel for the first time.

Well, first of all, you look at the number of people who have joined the channel and the number of members of that channel for you.

An important criterion for ranking and credibility Dan belongs to that channel and plays a big role in deciding whether or not to stay in that channel.

Of course, we do not hide the fact that the quality and quality of the content posted in the channel will also play a significant role.

Top ads have provided you with the way to buy your Telegram member at a much cheaper price than competitors, first to increase the credibility of your channel, and then by providing real members to keep most of these members after subscribing to the channel Be more successful, but the offer of superior advertisements along with these works is to increase the quality of the submitted posts and the subject of the channel, in order to achieve a desirable result together.

If you are going to buy cheap and real Telegram members, be sure to pay attention to the following points.

Increasing Telegram members, the best way to raise members in the Telegram channel

Increasing Telegram members is always one of the concerns of the managers of these software channels.

As you know, the higher the members of a channel, the higher the rank of the channel and of course your income.

In this article, we will introduce the best ways to increase the number of members of the Telegram channel.

Buy Telegram Fake Members

What are the advantages of buying fake Telegram channel members?

Buy fake Telegram members is the first step to the rapid growth of the Telegram channel

The ever-increasing development of telegram channels is a fact

that can be seen in most of the various business, educational, news, etc. titles.

However, if we want to compete between these channels,

we have to consider many things

Having a strong channel in terms of post content

and high traffic is one of these cases

A person who starts a channel may not have any hope of competing with rival channels at first.

Here we must say that there are many ways for the rapid growth of the Telegram channel

that can be used to reach the competitor and even higher

The first step and advice of many advertising consultants in creating a channel is to buy fake channel members

Then we start attracting real members by creating competitive content

and useful posts and advertisements in other Telegram groups or other social networks and providing our channel link.

We have to keep in mind that when a new member enters our channel,

the first thing he checks is the number of channel members to make sure the channel is valid,

and then he goes to the content of the posts inside the channel.


This is where the importance of a channel with a large number of members comes into play

Another point that we should consider when buying fake members are to know

that these members have normal and acceptable names

and even have a suitable profile photo.

TG site has a high quality in this type of member

and has always used its efforts to satisfy its customers.

Due to the low loss of this type of member, after each purchase,

the amount of 20% is added to the number purchased to compensate for this issue.


Considering that the quality of work is the best type of advertising,

we recommend the managers of Telegram channels used

the packages offered at a very cheap price on this page to feel its impact on their channel quickly.

There are many memberships in Telegram

and the simplest and most convenient type of membership

Buy Telegram fake members is the cheapest type of membership


Types of Telegram fake members

Benefits of buying Telegram Fake members

There are many benefits to buying fake Telegram members,

some of which we will name here

Buy fake members has the lowest member price among Telegram channel members

A fake member will greatly enhance your early users and increase your initial popularity

The fake member has a very low drop compared to other members

There are different types of fake members, some of them have Iranian profiles and can help you look real.



Need a high-volume member? Start with a cheap and cheap Telegram member

You have probably seen channels with a very high volume of 20 k members, 50 k, 100 k, and even 1 million members?

The secret that exists in the number of members of these channels is that more than half of them started their business by buying fake members or expanding it!

And these statistics have caught your eye.

Because this number of members can get good ads for their telegram channel

and assume that 30% of them are real people and by selling ads to these people,

channel managers can create good sales for themselves,

this was just an example and very much These days,

they have built their business based on these telegram channels

and have made a very good investment

(against expensive shops with horrible mortgages and rents) for their future,

and even by doing so, the people of their channel to Other social networks also provide guidance and invitations

First of all, I suggest you aim for a channel to start a business with high members.


Here are some business examples for high volume channels:

  • News channels
  • Required channels
  • Car introduction channels
  • Movie introduction channels
  • Entertainment channels and jokes
  • And thousands of public channels and all other posts…

Real telegram members

Fake telegram members


And last but not least, the headline made you read this article.

What you need to do today, invest in attracting a member,

whether by buying fake Telegram members or by advertising and spending a lot,

you have to start somewhere.

Buy Telegram Fake members questions:

What is a Telegram Fake Offline Member?

As the name implies, a fake member means that the telegram member is unrealistic

and uses it more to fill the channel members,

and this makes the number of your channel members seem large

and your other real audience more trust in your channel topic.

When is it recommended to buy Telegram fake and virtual members? And is it a good offer?

If we want to launch a telegram channel for a brand or start a business,

because you do not have enough credit, and on the other hand, you,

as a brand that intends to serve and inform,

you have to gain a lot of trusts and on the other hand,

services Advertise yourself and show your customers that you are strong and trustworthy,….


At first, you may have to buy Fake members (with real profiles).

And then it is recommended to do extensive ads,

pop-ups, or proxy members for this channel.

So for your customers not to question your brand name in the Telegram channel,

the best thing to do is to buy a few thousand members (several K) compulsory members or fake members.

And of course, you should know that public channels such as news channels, entertainment channels and…

the best offer for them is to buy force add members or fake members who can order up to 500K

and maybe more through this page Buy members.


Types of fake members

There are different types of fake members like buy force add members

And its special variety improves its quality


Ordinary fake members

This type of membership falsification of deleted account users

and the last visit enters your channel long ago

What is the quality of normal fake members?

This type of membership has a low quality

because Telegram users every few months

Deleting the account deletes the normal fake membership of the deleted account users and the last visit

It has been used for a long time, so it has a low quality

What is the price of normal members?

The price of this membership varies because an ordinary person can do this type of membership

There are many stores and doers

Prices start at $ 4


If you have a store channel, do not use fake members and click here to buy real members

Real telegram members

Fake telegram members



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