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Telegram is one of the most functional applications in the world and it provides you with a lot of features that if you know how to use them you can start your business without any difficulty. But if you lunch your channel/group and expect a lot of orders, you have made a big mistake. starting a business has its own standards and conditions and you can not start a business just like that. as to solve this problem. Stay with me for to rest of this article.

Telegram channel subscribers

when you want to lunch your own business you should have some information about how to do it first. TGMembers has provided you with the essential information you may need. so stay with me along with this article. I have some solutions and basic knowledge about what you need.

  1. You must specify a job-related name for your Channel/Group.
  2. After you have specified the name you have to add some members from your contact list and ask your friends and family to promote your business.
  3. Then looking for making your Channel/Group more valid and reliable as to when people join a channel/group they looking for the credibility of it.
  4. So in the first step of making your channel more credible, you should buy some fake members for your Telegram Channel/Group. That’s why our site provides some features about what you need for your business.
  5. After you have bought fake members your Channel/Group seems more credible, people may trust but why may? Because they look at your Channel/Group post views so you should buy some Telegram Post vies to from our bot:@mayaviewsbot.
  6. Your content production should be useful as well it depends on what your channel/group is. lunched for.
  7. Join some groups that are related to your Channel/Group and share yot content and of course put your Channel/Group link at bottom of the each post.
  8. Then you can Buy Real Telegram Members as well.
  9. You can pay to some Channels/Groups to advertise your business but notice that the Channel/Group be valid.

How can I make it faster and easier to gain people’s trust?

As you people’s opinion is very important you should see from their point of view. imagine you what to purchase a thing from an online shop, they looking for credibility so you have to know that what actions and privileges will help you to give people’s trust.

For example, buying fake members or buying real members.

when they join your channel/group the first thing that looking for is your channel’s members and your Telegram post views. At the first step, you can buy Telegram fake members.

How to buy?

we accept UPI(Paytm) and Paypal

  • To pay with UPI (Paytm), send a message to support:@mayashfe

There are 2 ways to increase your channel/group members in Telegram. (Long method and fast method)

Long method : 

In the long run, you increase the number of members of your channel by placing quality content and sharing it with similar channels.

Fast method (recommended) :

In this way, you buy a membership for your channel/group at a low cost.

for example : ( 1,000 Fake Members only 5$ and 10,000 Fake Members only 39$ )

Buy Fake Telegram members

Buying a fake Telegram member is the cheapest way to increase your channel/group members. ( buy telegram subscribers)


On the page that opens, select the service you need. (Best-selling product: 10,000 fake members, $ 39)


On the page that opens, click on the yellow box. (ADD TO CART)

After displaying the above message, click on “VIEW CART”

Check the order and if it is correct, click on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”

Your Telegram ID: Enter your Telegram ID ( example: @yourname )

Your Channel / Group: Enter your channel or group ID ( example: @yourchannel – @yourgroup )

Whatsapp Number (optional): Enter your Whatsapp Number (optional)

Select the payment method and click on “PLACE ORDER”


We fully listen to your needs Our main priority is to fully understand your needs and your goal of being on social media. We offer the best solutions Once we fully understand your needs, we will implement the best and fastest solution for your success in social networks. You will be informed of all the work steps After registering your order in TGMember, you can be informed about the steps of your order by calling or sending a telegram message to the ID: Mayashfe.

You will not be left alone, we are with you Our work will not end after you place your order, but we will be with you after the work to provide additional training and free consultations.

Real telegram members

Fake telegram members

Virtual Member / Fake Member

1- It does not fall at all unless it deletes the telegram. Shelf life No drop from 40 days to 600 days

2- Members have no activity

3- Only for the working-class and that the number of channel members is high. That means they do not become customers for you. Otherwise, they directly improve the view of other users towards your channel.


Real member – 

1- These members have no advantages and have been forcibly entered into your channel.

2- Members have no activity

3- Be sure to read more explanations at the bottom of the table

Purchase, order Telegram member


Real Member 

1- The drop is very small, about 20%. These users have also entered your channel by force, but they are not allowed to leave temporarily

2- Members have no activity

3- Only for the working class and the number of channel members. This means that you will not be able to read the desired article for more explanations


Buy real members

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to increase the number of channel members is to buy members.

But how is this done? There are different types of members and methods for doing this, but the most effective type is buying real members.

Fake or bot members are just passive ids that subscribe en masse to channels.

But these members will never buy from you, will never even visit your posts, and will only increase the number of members.

Therefore, buying real members is the best option for your channel.

Why buy members from TGMembers?

With a team specializing in social media marketing, TJMembers increases the number of Telegram members of your page purposefully and practically. Leave the attraction of your real, active, and purposeful member to us. If you also work in other social networks such as Instagram, you can buy Instagram followers from  TGMembers site. These followers are the best and highest quality type of followers.

Other TGMembers Services

In addition to Telegram services, TJMembers has Instagram services such as buy Instagram followers – buy real followers – buy cheap followers – buy telegram fake member and other small and large services such as Instagram like-increasing services – buy Instagram visits – buy Instagram comments, which If you need the services of other social networks, you can send a message to Telegram support.

TG Member as one of the oldest Telegram member buying authorities with more than 5 years of experience in selling Telegram members and Instagram services such as buying cheap followers, real followers, fake followers, and buy Instagram likes, adhering to the 4 principles of instant delivery Member – 24-hour support and sale of cheap Telegram members and money-back guarantee in case of user dissatisfaction to become the largest Telegram member store in line with the best Russian member sales sites.

As soon as you enter TGMembers site, you will be faced with a large display of Telegram members increases.

If you have any questions, please contact us :

Telegram Support:@mayashfe




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