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All About Real Telegram Subscribers

What is the difference between buying real subscribers and a fake member?
What is the advantage of buying real subscribers?
What are the methods to increase Telegram channel membership?
How to improve your business by buying real members from TGMembers?
Which type of member is better?

Telegram is one of the newest fast , simple and secure messengers for sending messages on Android and other mobile platforms, which is similar to the Whats App application but has more features.
Voice and video calling, creating channels, groups and sending videos, photos and files up to 1 GB in size and various emoticons and encrypting your information are some of the features of Telegram software.
Today, Telegram is a very suitable platform for content production, business expansion, communication, etc.

With the emergence of each phenomenon and tool, along with it, new behaviors and patterns appear accordingly and it is necessary to take a position on it with a central system thinking.

With the advent of Telegram and Instagram and the importance of them, the attraction of follower members for pages, channels and bots and tools for buying fake members also grew.

And some pages and channels buy fake members or followers to grow and exploit their audience.

People from all over the world always use this powerful application for various purposes.
But there is no doubt that Telegram is one of the best ways to expand your business, both online and offline.

What is Telegram subscribers?

Any user who registers in Telegram or other social programs such as Whats App , Viber , etc. is called a member.

You and I, and anyone who works for Telegram and is a member of any group or channel, will be a member of that group or channel.

How to improve your business by buying real subscribers from TG?

First, every business needs its customers.
Anyone from around the world can be a customer depending on the content of your business, but someone will buy from you who trusts your business.
What builds customer trust?
Imagine there is a sales channel with 100 members with views of 20 to 80 posts and on the opposite side of the channel with several members and several views you will definitely buy from the second channel.
So by buying real member you will have more action which will lead to more trust and as a result better sales.
(Real members will not have many views.)
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What is the difference between buying real members and fake members?
Real Member: A real member is a member who is randomly assigned from all over the world.
Users or members who are active and visit posts, groups, etc. and are active and send posts are called real members.

Fake member of a telegram , is fake subscribers of a channel. In the world of telegrams, the value and credibility of channels is equal to the number of its subscribers , which is followed by the quality of production of the products of that channel.

Therefore, many admins prefer to buy real subscribers according to their needs.
We offer you to buy real subscribers + buy views.
subscribers Fake : Users who are made with special methods or robots or special software and do not actually work humanely are called subscribers fakes.

What is the benefit of fake subscribers for a channel manager? It must be said that it has almost no tangible benefit. It is natural that the admins of the Telegram channel are looking to increase their subscribers in order to increase their credit and visits, to earn money online or to grow their business. This has led some channel managers to think that by getting a fake subscribers. They can reach this conclusion.

Well , as I explained above, the real subscribers is a person like you and me who go to the telegram and join and watch channels or groups and participate in conversations and ….

But fake subscribers , because he is a robot, either made with software or by other methods, can not work like you and me, and finally, with certain methods, he can fake or fake only the posts or photos or videos of the channel or group. Do it.

What are the methods to increase Telegram channel subscribers?

They do this in different ways, some of which are mentioned below:


1- Adding the user by the administrator or administrators: This method, which is the first step to increase and add a subscribers to the channel or group, is such that the creator of the group or channel can use the list of contacts on his phone and only among two-way users (Mutual Contact – users Add both you and them to your group or channel.

In this method, Telegram allows you to add up to 200 users to avoid disturbance, which you should use other methods in the continuation of this article to further increase.



2- Advertisements in channels or groups: In this method, the manager of the group or channel and his friends, family and users advertise his posts and channel links in other groups and channels, and thus the users who see these advertisements enter the channel. Or the group is specified


3 – Participate in channel exchanges: In this method, by participating in channels that exchange, you register with the methods mentioned in the channel or exchange group, and at the time specified by the exchange channel manager, the specified list for a certain period of time in Keep your channel and then you can delete the list.


4 – Channel exchange by agreement: In this method, you send a message to the managers of other channels and agree with them that, for example, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon for two hours to show each other’s channel or group on your channel


** The above mentioned methods of increasing the subscribers were simple and basic, and most of the people who entered your channel with these methods are real people or subscribers, because by viewing your ad and clicking on the channel link to subscribe to your channel in have come **



5 – Add in different ways:

5-1 – With a robot or software: In this method with Telegram robots or special software that enter subscribers into your group or channel with different methods and mostly through Telegram APIs, and because in this method the user inadvertently enters the channel immediately. It comes out of the canal and lifts, which is said to have fallen or decreased.

5-2 – Another method in this section is that with a special method

And with special software with different numbers, they define users in Telegram, and from that user, they get output in a special format with special software, and they enter this output into your channel with another special software.

In this method, because the manufacturer has registered with virtual numbers or fake or inactive and the subscribers is not real to visit the channel posts are usually not visited.


6 – Push notification ads: Push notification is a message that appears on Android phones, this message is done through applications that are installed on Android phones. App developers can send push notifications at any time, and users do not need to open the app or use it to display the message on Android phones, because this message is displayed in the environment outside the desired application.
And finally mandatory ed

What is Compulsory Ed?

Mandatory Ed is a type of addition to your channels,

This is done through some informal telegrams

In this way, without you realizing it,

You subscribe to telegram channels and in some cases, they can even

Mute the notification so that you do not notice in any way.

How is compulsory ed done?

Due to the increasing development of Telegram and the widespread use of it in our beloved country , many unofficial telegrams have entered the field of competition

These informal telegrams (of which 5 of the best are listed in the article comparing the original version of Telegram with the unofficial ones) add many capabilities to the original telegram.

But some programmers have also added the option of mandatory editing to their Telegram program so that they can subscribe you to the channels they want.


Which type of subscribers is better?

It depends on your purpose and policy and what your channel is doing.

For example, for a channel that is operating as a store and selling products and needs to sell its products, buying fake subscribers is of no use to it, except in certain cases such as exchange and appearance.

Because supplies or products are sold in this channel, then a real and active member must be added to this channel to buy the product he wants, and for these channels that want to increase the sales of their own products.

So we realized that the type of member depends on the problems and to receive free guidance and advice and use the experience of our technical team, you can send your channel address to us in our telegram, Whats App, Instagram and email to be checked and the result And provide you with the necessary guidance.


Have The Best With Us <3

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