Increase Telegram Users

How to keep your Telegram channel members?

The things I have mentioned so far were to increase the Telegram channel members.

But more important than increasing the number of Telegram channel members is to think about preserving them.

In many cases, retaining channel members is much more tedious than raising them.

The following tips will help you retain most of your channel members.

Why buy Telegram members ??

Today, social applications have become very popular among the people, among which Telegram has a very large share in social networks, so that almost most companies and government organizations also use this network to inform and report on their services.

In the meantime, there are people who have created a business for themselves by creating telegram channels, but the competition for increasing the members and in other words, making the channels more populous has increased day by day, and we have reached the principle that among telegram channels The more successful ones have more members and more credibility through these members, but the point is how to get your Telegram channel on track with the cheapest services, one of the most common tasks for a new channel.

It has been established and it is considered anonymous.

Buy cheap Telegram members, suppose you are the person who enters the channel for the first time.

Well, first of all, you look at the number of people who have joined the channel and the number of members of that channel for you.

An important criterion for ranking and credibility Dan belongs to that channel and plays a big role in deciding whether or not to stay in that channel.

Of course, we do not hide the fact that the quality and quality of the content posted in the channel will also play a significant role.

Top ads have provided you with the way to buy your Telegram member at a much cheaper price than competitors, first to increase the credibility of your channel, and then by providing real members to keep most of these members after subscribing to the channel Be more successful, but the offer of superior advertisements along with these works is to increase the quality of the submitted posts and the subject of the channel, in order to achieve a desirable result together.

If you are going to buy cheap and real Telegram members, be sure to pay attention to the following points.

Increasing Telegram members, the best ways to raise members in the Telegram channel

Increasing Telegram members is always one of the concerns of the managers of this software channels.

As you know, the higher the members of a channel, the higher the rank of the channel and of course your income.

In this article, we will introduce the best ways to increase the members of the Telegram channel.

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1. Do not prefer quantity to quality!

It does not matter how much content you publish on your channel per day! The quality of the content you submit is important.

Do not try to make your channel members loyal by sending irrelevant and unimportant posts to your channel topic. By doing this, you only hit them from your channel.

2. Submit your channel posts on time

Depending on the knowledge of your audience, try to send your posts at regular intervals.

Never overdo your posts. Try to condition your audience.

For example, always send them a post at 10 am.

Posts sent between 2 am and 8 am are usually not well received.

3. Interact with your channel audience

Connect with your channel members.

Be aware of their tastes.

For example, by launching a survey, ask them if they are more interested in topics.

This will make their presence on your channel longer.

If your field allows, ask them to send you their posts or photos to publish on your channel.

4. Do not advertise your channel!

Do not overdo the sending of advertising posts.

Because this will greatly reduce your channel members.

The people on your channel are because of the useful content you share with them.

They do not want your channel to become a hangout for advertising.

If you plan to exchange with other channels or place ads on your channel, set aside a certain amount of time to do so.

5. Justify your channel managers

If you use other managers to produce content or manage your channel more easily, be sure to fully justify them.

For example, tell them that all posts must have your own channel tag.

Or ask them not to use too much copy content from other channels.

Check the posting time of posts with them.

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6. Invite your site visitors to your Telegram channel

There are many ways to get your site visitors to your Telegram channel.

One of these ways is to invite your site users to content that is only published on your Telegram channel.

Everything that does not exist on your site and is only on your Telegram channel and the user has to come to your Telegram channel to see that content.

You can also invite your site users to subscribe to your Telegram channel via email.

For example, send them an email and mention that something will be published on our Telegram channel tonight at 10 o’clock, or that our new product will be displayed along with a special discount for Telegrams so as not to miss it.

Take this opportunity to subscribe to our Telegram channel right now.

You can also consider special offers for visitors who visit your site to visit your Telegram channel.

For example, you can make an offer before a visitor leaves your site.

Give him a pop-up template.

You can also invite visitors and members of your site to your Telegram channel in all posts of your site.

For example, you can design a banner like the one below and place all your site posts in the ads below.

7. Increasing the Telegram channel member by using sponsorship

One of the best ways to attract a Telegram channel member is to use the sponsorship method.

Surely you have seen the groups and channels above which the post is constantly pinned?

This method is actually the same sponsor that is very useful for increasing Telegram members.

Using this advertising method is a bit expensive, but the best way to quickly attract thousands of members to your Telegram channel.

Telegram sponsorship If the content of your channel is high quality and very attractive, do not doubt that using this method will be very beneficial for you.

For example, if your post is sponsored in a channel of 50,000 members, with each post that is placed in the channel, an average of about 30 people will see your channel and become members of your channel.

Now calculate what happens if your sponsored post is on this channel for a month?

8. Increasing the Telegram member by using sub-collection robots

One of the best ways to increase Telegram members to use sub-collection robots.

You must have seen that in order to post in some telegram groups, you first need to become a member of channels and then you will be allowed to post.

Your channel can be part of one of these channels for members.

To use this method, you must enter into negotiations with the admin channels that have the subdomain robot.

These methods are part of the monetary methods to increase Telegram channel members, but they will be very effective for you.

Of course, you can also use this method yourself, that is, build your own subset robot, which is a bit of a hassle.

To get started, you need to have the source code of the Telegram robot and use a quality and reliable host to load the source and web hook your Telegram robot, which is a complex process.

Free tutorials for doing this are available on websites that you can use.

9. Advertising to increase Telegram channel members

You can also use advertising methods to increase the number of members of your Telegram channel.

There are many advertising methods to increase members, some of which I will introduce to you.

One of the best ways to increase members is to use the forced ed method.

In this way, your channel members are forced to be added to your channel.

Paying for members is also one of the targeted ways to increase Telegram members.

In this method, in exchange for attracting each member, you have to pay an amount that varies according to the number of members you request, advertising costs in this method.

Another common method of advertising to attract members is advertising on popular channels.

Channels with many members are definitely a good option for your ads.

But the important thing is to try to advertise on big channels, be sure to prepare attractive advertising content because otherwise you can not attract many members to your channel and you may waste a lot of budget.

Conclusion and last word

My last suggestion is not to use Telegram Fake members in any way.

I even suggest you do not use bots and automatic posting software in groups.

If it’s really a specialized cartoon, try using the basic methods I mentioned in this article to increase your Telegram channel members.

I hope you have used this article enough.


Have The Best With Us <3

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