How To Get Subscribers On Telegram

How to get subscribers on Telegram?

  1. Specify the goal and create the channel.
  2. Complete your Telegram channel profile creatively.
  3. Add members manually from your contact list.
  4. Generate quality and engaging content.
  5. Get paid promotions on telegram channels.
  6. Specialize your channel posts.
  7. Targeted advertising on Facebook or Google.
  8. Get help from your users in producing content.
  9. Advertising on social media.
  10. Cross-promote
  11. Join groups and supergroups in the same field
  12. Buy bot.
  13. Link your Telegram channel to your other social networks.
  14. Post your channel in Telegram channel directories.
  15. Hold exciting competitions and give prizes.
  16. Invite your site visitors to your Telegram channel.
  17. Increase Telegram channel membership by using sponsorship.


Buy Real Telegram Members

Buy Fake Telegram Members


stay with me and read the rest of the article, you will be able to create your channel and attract followers.

As you know, these days, social networks, in addition to being a tool for entertaining people, are one of the best ways that any person or any business can use to earn money. As you know, wherever there is more audience, it is the best place to advertise your products or services. Therefore, Telegram messenger application, which has involved many people these days, is the best place to earn money from the Internet, as well as the prosperity of online businesses.


One of the concerns of people who want to make money through Telegram or introduce their business and services is the number of members of their Telegram channel. Well, a lot of people think the more members they have in their telegram channel, the better it is for them to grow and make more money. And that’s why they buy Telegram members.

In this article, I am going to talk about the same subject. How to get real members for your Telegram channel? Join me in this article to introduce you to 17 basic ways to boost your Telegram channel.


1. Specify the goal and create the channel

The first step in building a telegram channel is to know what your goal is in creating a channel. You must specify your purpose for launching the Telegram channel. Specify the topic you want to produce content on your channel.

You shouldn’t change the subject of your channel after you have identified it. For example, if the topic of your channel is health and wellness, you should not publish content about humorous or political topics in your channel! This will increase the dissatisfaction of your channel members and they will leave your channel over time.

Many people think that by changing the subject of their channel, they can attract more members. It is completely wrong.



2. Complete your Telegram channel profile creatively

It is important to use the right logo and complete your channel description. Once you have identified your communication profile, try to state the benefit you intended for the user in the description or Bio section of your channel. It does not matter at all if you are the first person in your field, but it is important that how you differ from your competitors and how you benefit your audience.


3. Add member manually from your contact list

You can add 100 first Telegram Channel members for free from your contacts. Once the limit of 100 is reached, this possibility is automatically off. But you can still share your channel in private messages with your contacts and ask your friends to spread your link to their friends. Some good networking can boost 200-300 members in your channel within a few days.

Pros: free members, the easiest way to add first Telegram members, great for a start.

A limited number of members, not possible to grow a big channel, not targeted subscribers (your friends are there just to support your new beginning and with time they will probably leave it).


4. Generate quality and engaging content

Try to produce and publish content that benefits your channel users. Entertainment channels usually produce content on any topic, and it doesn’t matter much what they post on. But specialized channels are not like that! If your channel is specific to a particular area, you should try to produce useful and fully functional content for your users.

Have variety in content production. Try popular formats like photo captions and GIF images or short videos.

Infographics can go viral strangely on Telegram. Creating infographics is a hard job, but try to create and share infographics specific to your channel theme as much as you can.

In social networks, especially Telegram, users have little patience. Try not to publish long posts and include photos with your posts as much as possible. Most of the time you can express what you mean in the form of a written photo.

Depending on the subject of your channel, I suggest using short audio as well. Audio files are very popular and your members can easily listen to your voicemails at any time. As you know, the screen of mobile phones is small, which is why many friends do not have the patience to read your text posts. Therefore, try to publish audio files for impatient people.


5. Get paid promotions on telegram channels.

One of the most popular ways to promote channels and get genuine members. The idea is to pay admins to get posted for 1~24 hours in their channels. The price of publication depends on 1) the duration of your promotion 2) the size of the channel where you want to get promoted. One promotional post brings from 0 to 500 new users on average, and these results depend on your ad content, call to action, channel content, activity in the channel where you promote. It takes strategic thinking to understand in what promotion you should invest, the outcome is unpredictable.


6. specialize your channel posts

The most important thing to do is to dedicate your channel posts. By doing this, you can greatly increase your channel members. Rest assured that if your posts are exclusive and engaging, they will be sent to other people by your users or shared in other groups.


7. Targeted advertising

Another option of paid promotion is to use Facebook ads. The huge variety of settings may allow you to target your audience with 100% accuracy.

genuine and targeted members can be costly, big chance to fail, you need to understand how Facebook Ads work or you can hire a specialist (and trust us, it’s not an easy thing to learn).


8. Get help from your users in producing content

Ask your users to produce content for you and put their content in the channel with their full specifications. Of course, depending on the topic of your channel, you should do this. For example, raise a specific issue and ask your users for their opinions about it. It is much more attractive if you ask them in the form of an audio file.

You can also ask them to ask you their questions. For example, you work in the field of sales and internet marketing techniques, and in this area, questions are raised by your audience. By answering their questions, you can generate compelling content and post it on your channel.

You can also do this by submitting a poll or contest. For example, conduct a survey entitled “10 Ways to Increase Sales of Internet Products” and ask your users to send you 10 ways to increase the sales of Internet products.


9. Advertising on social media


10. Cross-promote

Once the Channel reaches more than 5000 members, there are chances that other channels (of the same size) will agree to do a cross-promotion. Two channels promote each other and exchange followers with each other.


11. Join groups and supergroups in the same field

Try to find and work in groups and supergroups that are the same as the field of your work. If possible, share your selected posts in them from time to time. If the group manager does not allow you to do this, try to establish a sincere relationship with them. For example, share some of their posts on your channel and instead ask them to allow you to work in the group.


12. Link your Telegram channel to your other social networks


13. Buy a bot

Going from 0 to 40,000 members in one day? It’s easy if you add fake Telegram members. Bots are not real followers or even people, they are users generated by special software. There is no use from these members (they won’t view your posts, won’t buy your products), but they increase the actual number of your followers. In return, it can attract real users to join (new subscribers better join big channels, not small ones). But there is one huge problem: Telegram deletes these members. If you have 40,000 followers today, it doesn’t mean tomorrow you will still have them.


14. Post your channel in Telegram channel directories

Several sites can be used as directories for Telegram channels to increase Telegram channel members. These sites include Telegram channels in various topics on their site by categorizing the topic. Some of them may also register your channel address for a fee.


15. Hold exciting competitions and give prizes

One of the best ways to increase your Telegram channel membership is to hold a contest. You must have seen the matches posted in Telegram by now. Some time ago, a contest called the best photo of children was held on Telegram and was noticed by many people.

The important thing is that you should set a special prize to encourage many users to participate in this contest. If you offer services or products, you can give one of your products as a gift or a discount code to buy products to the winner.


16. Invite your site visitors to your Telegram channel

There are many ways to get your site visitors to your Telegram channel. One of these ways is to invite your site users to content that is only published on your Telegram channel. Everything that does not exist on your site and is only in your Telegram channel and the user has to come to your Telegram channel to see that content. You can also invite your site users to subscribe to your Telegram channel via email.

For example, send them an e-mail and mention that something will be published on our Telegram channel tonight at 10 o’clock, or that our new product will be displayed with a special discount for telegrams so as not to miss it. Take this opportunity to subscribe to our Telegram channel right now.


17. Increase Telegram channel membership by using sponsorship

If the content of your channel is high quality and very attractive, do not doubt that using this method will be very beneficial for you. For example, if your post is sponsored in a channel of 50,000 members, with each post that is placed in the channel, an average of about 30 people will see your channel and become members of your channel. Now calculate what happens if your sponsored post is on this channel for a month?


Real telegram members

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