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In previous articles, we talked a lot about the benefits of the Telegram social network, as you know, Telegram is growing rapidly and now has more than seven hundred million monthly active users.

Telegram Social Network is a user-centric network that helps you grow your business and you can sell very quickly

Why should we think about selling in Telegram?

Now you may be wondering why launching a sales channel on Telegram is so important for our business! There are many reasons to answer this question. Here are some reasons why this is important.

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Advertise for sale in Telegram:

A look at Instagram reveals that it is a hot market for advertising various business pages. We must say that Telegram can also be a good source for advertising. Depending on the traffic rate and the number of members of your channel in Telegram, you can get different costs for advertising different pages and in this way you can earn money for yourself.

Consider a dedicated account for sale in Telegram

To start your own business in Telegram, it is better not to use your personal account. To manage your store channel, get a separate SIM card and have a special account for your store admin or support. You definitely need to find a way to connect with your channel members. This will give you more confidence and confidence in your customers.

You do not have to put your contact number in the channel, but be sure to provide a username or ID for the connection. The admin or backup ID must be associated with your channel name.

When building a channel, be sure to consider these items: (buy telegram channel subscribers)

Definitely, for you who are an old Telegram user, building a business channel seems simple. But to increase sales in Telegram, you need to pay attention to some small points in this work. To create a channel, click on the New channel option in the settings (three parallel lines). On this page, you must enter the main information of your channel. It may seem a little simple. But with a few details, we help you build a professional sales channel on Telegram.

Channel name
It is best to choose your channel name that accurately reflects your type of service. Why? You must have used the Telegram search section before. All Telegram users use this section to find their specific channel or topic. So if you choose a name that refers exactly to your products, you have a better chance of being seen.

Channel image
Some of you who are reading this article may have noticed this. When choosing an image for the sales channel in Telegram, make sure that your image is displayed in a circle. Therefore, use an image that does not become abnormal if cut.

This part of your channel has a tremendous impact on increasing sales in Telegram. Do not doubt that all customers must refer to this section before buying. So the channel description section actually represents you. So by choosing the right sentences, you should gain the audience’s trust in the shortest possible time. Gaining customer trust is the main and effective step in selling your products.

The best way to grow your business in Telegram is to buy Telegram members

One of the most important parameters that plays a very important role in online sales is gaining users’ trust in you. Even if you go through the above two steps well but the user can not trust you, you have lost the rhyme. You can use the following suggestions to attract more audience and increase sales in Telegram.

  • Constantly post tracking products, photos of customer satisfaction and photo in your channel. It is not even bad to consider a special channel for this. Put customer satisfaction content in the new channel and * *
  • write the link in the main channel description. This way, everyone can trust you even at the beginning of entering the main channel of the store.
  • It is better to put tracking codes and photos of customer satisfaction in the channel in a way that completely shows that it belongs to you. It also protects you from abusers.
  • You can type in the name of your channel at the end of your customer chats to indicate that it is relevant to your business. You can also use your channel name to post sent packages.
  • Be aware of the number of views of posts and the number of channel users. Low ratios can lead to users losing trust and speculating that your followers are fake.

How will I find you?
As much as possible, try to publish complete information about yourself in your Telegram channel profile. In-store store address, personal website, ID of other social networks, especially Instagram, inserting contact number if possible and… can play an important role in your authenticity and reliability.

Extra letters are forbidden
Many people consider themselves the unconditional owner of a channel or page and publish whatever content they like. Unaware that the sheer volume of irrelevant content can make users on the channel run away. Plan and act on the content and products you want to publish on the channel.

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