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One of the problems with most channels is the very low number of views and views of the channel members; TGMembers has solved this problem by providing various services.

By buying View Telegram for the last 50 and 100 posts of the channel, you can increase the number of your posts at a small cost and increase the credibility of the channel.

If the number of views is high and the proportion of views is proportional to the number of members, the channel will be popular and popular.

This will have a psychological effect on the user and will increase the trust, the popularity of the channel and also increase the conversion rate of the visitor to the buyer of the product or the follower of the channel.

Advertising and attracting the audience is difficult without the right view and number of members and is not very effective.

Imagine entering a store channel through ads and seeing that the views are all below 100, this will definitely affect you and your audience.

Now suppose the views of the same channel are above 1000, no doubt this issue will convey the feeling of popularity and popularity of the channel to the users and will also increase their trust.



Real telegram members

Fake telegram members

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By buying View Telegram in a short time, you can receive a large number of visits and easily win the challenge.

Usually, the second thing that the user pays attention to after the number of members is the amount of Telegram view posts.

Telegram Views are done via bots and the post is not seen by real Members.

Increase the popularity of your channel and grow rapidly by buying Telegram Views.

Most successful channels increase their channel members by first buying fake members and then making the channel more popular by buying hits.

Then in the next step, they try to attract real members and advertisements, in which case its efficiency will be doubled.

If you buy views for 5 posts, the last post and the 4 previous posts will receive the view, and the channel must have at least 5 posts.

One of the best ways to have a view is to increase the Telegram member.

Join us with free and guaranteed solutions to increase the Telegram member.

12 ways to increase Telegram channel members

There are many ways to increase members for free.

Today, social networks have created a platform for users to advertise and market.

Another social network in the digital world is Telegram.

You will find fewer people who do not use this medium.

Most Telegram users spend their time on Telegram groups and channels.

That is why Telegram has entered the field of marketing and advertising.

As a result, group and channel managers seek to increase the members or members of their group and channel.

bu has provided you with tricks and solutions to increase your members in the Telegram channel, which will help you achieve your goal. Be with TGMembers.

Sometimes Telegram groups and channel managers use bots to increase users to increase Telegram members.

This is like increasing fake followers on Instagram, which is an irrational method.

TGMembers, with their studies on Telegram, recommend 12 ways to increase members in the Telegram channel.

Of course, you can quickly get ahead of your competitors by buying real Telegram Members or fake Telegram members.

I suggest you get help from the site menu for these services.


1- Increasing the number of Telegram channel members with useful and free content

Users who want to create a free channel in Telegram must first determine the purpose of creating the channel.

It means what your channel wants to share with users and what its content really is.

Also, after determining the purpose of your channel, you should not change the subject and link of the channel.

It should be noted that you should not include content other than the related content of the channel title.

This means that the content of the channel must be consistent with its subject matter.

If the content of the channel does not match the topic, members will leave the channel.

It should not be forgotten that in the content and images that you publish in the channel, it is better to put the channel link below the article and your photo.

This is because channel members may forward the channel content to the user and as a result, the channel link will be sent to the user along with the content.

This method is like sharing a post directly, which will help increase Instagram likes.


2- How to help increase the Telegram channel members by connecting with other channels?

There are two ways to advertise on telegram channels: two-way advertising (exchange) and paid advertising.

Two-way advertising is when you publish a link from another channel in your channel and in front of the desired channel puts your link in its own channel.

But in the paid advertising method, you give some money to the channel manager and the channel link publisher publishes your channel.

It is important to know that users get tired of the channels they are constantly advertising and leave that channel.

So too much advertising on the channel causes the members of the channel to lose.

It is better to publish two ads per day on your channel and to increase the actual members in your Telegram channel, it is better to place your ads on channels that are related to the topic of your channel.


3- Telegram channel advertisements on social networks and sites

If you are looking to increase your Telegram channel members, put the channel link on social networks such as Facebook, Line, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc.

You can also share your Telegram channel link on websites that introduce Telegram channels.

In this way, you can reach your goal, which is to increase Telegram channel members, at a very low cost.

If your channel has special services (contests, awards, etc.) for channel members, you can also place special services (discounts, subscriptions, etc.) for social media managers instead of placing channel links. ) give.


4- Maintaining channel members with attractive content

If you are looking to keep members of your Telegram channel, your content should be attractive.

When new member comes to the channel, they will be interested in staying on your channel when they see your attractive content.

This method is like the technique of increasing followers on Instagram.

Also, the contents of your channel should not be duplicated because it causes the channel to be monotonous and the channel is no longer attractive to members.

To make your channel attractive, you can use photos, posts, short videos, and gifs to increase the Telegram channel members.


5- Increasing the number of Telegram channel members with several managers in one channel

Another solution and training to increase the Telegram channel members is content management with the cooperation of several managers in the channel.

Because you make the people you trust the channel manager.

In this way, each manager publishes content on the channel and will increase the quality of content and the expectations that members have of the content.

With the increase of attractive content by channel managers, more content will be published by members in Telegram groups, which will increase your Telegram channel members.

The important thing is that too much content on the channel will confuse the channel members and they will leave your channel.

So it is better to publish the content in the channel according to the desired schedule.

According to the studies of TGMembers researchers, do not publish the content in the channel from 12 pm to 9 am as much as possible, or you can use sending silent content to the channel at this time.


6- Public channel and increase of members in Telegram channel

When you want to create a channel, Telegram asks you if this channel is private or public.

When Telegram users are looking for a channel and enter its name in their Telegram search field, channels that are public are displayed to them.

If your channel is public, all Telegram users can find it by searching for your channel.


7- Short link and increase of Telegram channel member

By choosing a short link for your channel, you can help increase Telegram members.

This method is like an Instagram username to increase followers on Instagram.

People can easily leave short links and usernames in their memory.


8- Automatic sharing of content with WordPress plugin in Telegram channel

With the help of Telegram for the WP plugin, you can connect WordPress to Telegram.

With the help of this plugin, you can enter information such as user registration, new comment registration, recovery of user password by himself, etc.

with Telegram with WordPress.

With the help of the WordPress plugin, you can also receive people who send you emails in your telegram.


9- Preventing the publication of long posts on the Telegram channel

The maximum of each text post on the Telegram channel must be 50 words.

If the text size of the posts is more, users will refrain from reading the content.

Because they have to waste a lot of time on it.


10- Put beautiful photos in your channel

Telegram users, like Instagram, have a special interest in beautiful images.

Other users of social networks also welcome posts that are published with photos.


11- Educational videos with subtitles for Telegram channel

If your Telegram channel publishes educational content for users, it must have occurred to you that some content can not be taught with images.

For this type of post, it is better to use educational videos with appropriate subtitles for training in the Telegram channel.

Also, if you have problems while posting on the channel with problems such as not sending images and videos in Telegram, you can use problem-solving techniques in Telegram.


12- Special offers for Telegram channel members

Hold contests and challenges for channel members from time to time.

Like the most famous quiz, you know as your baby photo.

Channel members can participate in this contest by submitting a photo of their child and can benefit from the exquisite prizes that you have set for them.

This contest is the most visited photo of the winner of this contest.

If your channel sells a company’s products, you can use special discounts to buy channel members.

Or for music channels, it is suggested that they include a section for channel members’ requests for the song they are looking for.


Real telegram members

Fake telegram members



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