Buy Telegram Views

Buy Telegram Views

Telegram is one of the most popular software in the world and many people use its advantages for their benefit so if you are aware of the features it provides you, you won as you can start your own business. By telegram businesses, I mean channels that offer products and services to others on a variety of topics. Most of these home businesses are run by ordinary people. For example, Freddy is a fitness and bodybuilding instructor, and based on his success, he has launched a telegram channel and gives his customers a daily diet plan. Or people who put the handicrafts they make for sale into their Telegram channel. Most of these channels that have been launched and are operating in this way, their main goal is to meet the needs of their audience. If you also have special expertise and skill in a certain field, you can experience earning money from Telegram and earn a lot of money in this messenger and social network. sts on your channel as fast as possible. (From 50 to 30 thousand views)

First of all for launch your channel you should have channel subscribers for example:

  1. Invite your friends and family.
  2. participated in the analogous topic group and share your channel posts.
  3. Set your channel link bottom all of your posts.
  4. Set a high-quality photo for each post and be careful that put your channel ID under every picture.
  5. Set a particular time for posting.
  6. Always be active.
  7. Promote in social media.
  8. and …

How fast is the increase in visits? Due to the automatic and unmediated nature of the robot, the increase in visits will begin immediately after the registration of the order. Only in a few cases, due to the high volume of orders, the execution of the order will be slightly delayed.

Telegram is one of the most popular software in the world and if you know how to use its features you can be successful in the business that you want to start.

Having a profitable channel/group needs a lot of effort.

TGMemer has been posted some articles about this topic. By clicking on the link below you can see our article that named How to increase Telegram Membership?

How to increase Telegram membership easily!

This article can help you too, it worth to read and if you have any question you can contact us and ask your questions.

How To Get Subscribers On Telegram

In the articles above TGMembers has explained ways you can increase your channel members freely or by paying and buying real Telegram members or fake Telegram members and if you are absolutely sure about your decision you must be aware of the ways that you can use. you should not set up your channel/group without any information as you will fail or take lots of time for your channel/group to be activated.I recommend you to read a lot of articles before you run your business it increases the risk of success. The more Telegram post views your channel has, the more successful your brand is. Be sure to keep this in mind when launching your marketing campaign. Also, please note that this process will require a lot of time and effort. However, to speed up and save your energy resources, you can always use paid services. We offer views for the latest 5 channel posts. And it will not cost you too much.

Why is it so common to make money through telegrams?

1. Easy access for all users

2. No need for large initial capital

3. No need for a license

4. Easy user interface

5. High security

we know Telegram subscribers are more important for the first steps but as you understand by the name of the topic this article is all about Telegram post views. Our site has been set up a bot for Telegram post views and it gives you 5000 free views for the first time for example you can get 500 views for 10 posts and use your free views this way you can split it up and use it 5 or 10 times not once but it depends on you.

Increase Telegram Post Visits

There are two main factors in Telegram channels to gain trust and popularity. The first is the number of members and the second is the number of views of your posts. Also, the two should always be in good harmony with each other, and if these two factors do not fit together, many members will suspect you and leave your channel.

There are several ways you can increase your Telegram traffic. But the main problem is that these methods are not very practical and most of these methods are no longer effective.

Also, if you read somewhere about free methods, know that free methods are not without hassle and patience, and there is no free method that will give you a thousand or ten thousand views first. So do not be fooled by these ads.

There are generally two main ways to increase views. Free methods and non-free methods.

Why You Need to Buy Telegram Views

Telegram post view is one of the ways that you can gain people’s trust. By increasing Telegram post views people may think your channel/group has more popularity and then will trust your channel/group. At the first steps, this way definitely works. Also when you increase your Telegram members but your Telegram post views are still without changing in number most people think that your channel/group practically is fake. As to they live your channel/group as soon as possible. For this reason, your channel/group post view is so necessary and important. This issue can be easily used in various aspects of advertising and benefited from it. Now, how you want to use it is up to you.

TG-Members can offer you to buy Telegram post views for growing your social proof on Telegram. With their help, you can significantly save time on inventing and implementing marketing strategies, allowing you to devote more time to the quality of your content and new business ideas.

The real member has the analysis that this post has been noticed and visited by a large number of people, and as a result, You Telegram channel post will also be considered by the new user, and it will increase the membership and even the customer for you.

(Fake member means uses who appear but do not have an external presence.)

Free methods to increase Telegram view

Among the free methods, there are two main and efficient methods of forwarding and producing viral content. Forwarding means that you ask your audience to send your content to their friends. But this usually does not work very well.

That means you have to communicate very well with your audience or in a good way like a contest or…. Encourage people to do this.

The second method is to produce viral content. This method is the first method but much more complete. That is, you generate content that encourages the individual to use it for others. Viral content Content such as funny videos, interesting content, breaking news, and…

Features of using the robot to increase views

One of the most important features of the visiting robot is the automatic visit service and 5000 free coins.

If we want to inform you of more details about the automatic maya views service, we can mention the feature of adjusting the speed of visits.

In addition to the fact that you can automatically add views to your Telegram channel posts, you can also set the speed and time of the added visit.

If the number of Telegram channel members is high, do not worry about the capacity of visits, with the maya views robot, you can add 300 views to 15,000 views to your posts. To use the robot, just search for the name of the maya views robot in your telegram or click on id, enter the robot directly. Robot address: @mayaviewsbot

In addition to the automatic visit service, you can also use single post views. The single post views service is the same as the automatic visit service, except that you can register the number of visits to the desired post or view for specific posts. The visit capacity for this service is up to 15000 visits.






Advantages of using the maya views bot visit robot:

.Ease of access

.Very very cheap and competitive price

.Can be used on all devices (Windows Telegram, phone and…)

.Has an automatic visit system

.Order single post views

.Order multi-post views

.5000 free coins!!!!!!!!!!!

Our robot offers many possibilities:

  • Order Single Post Views ( order views for one post )
  • Order Multi Post Views ( order views for several posts )
  • Auto Post Views ( After posting each post in the channel, the views will be sent automatically )

Other parts of the robot:

  • Account ( Includes user information and the number of your coins )
  • Instant start ordering.
  • Quick completion with 3 different modes

  • Buy Coins ( You can buy coins with PayPal – bitcoin, … – UPI )
  • Ability to schedule orders (immediate and delayed)

  • Order Tracking ( You can check the status of an order that is in progress or finished )
  • Reasonable prices and multiple plans

  • Support ( Way to communicate with the support,  Telegram Support: @Mayashfe )


This bot can help you increase your Telegram channel post views as fast as possible.

It scans your Telegram channel and if it sees a new Telegram channel post, it will increase its views.

What packages are there to buy coins? ( 1 coin= 1 view )

  • 5k Charges – FREE
  • 20k Charges – 5$
  • 100k Charges – 22$
  • 500k Charges – 80$
  • 1M Charges- 150$
  • …..


By clicking on the robot ID you will transfer to the robot directly.

By hitting the start button you will see other features of our robot.


Telegram Support: @mayashfe

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