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Due to the rapid growth of the Telegram social network, it is predicted that Telegram will soon become the largest social network in the world.
Telegram currently has more than 600 million monthly active users, and this statistic will grow significantly in the coming months.

One quick and efficient way to increase your members is Buy Telegram Subscribers.

We provide the following services:

We have always tried to provide you with the best quality, to get your complete satisfaction.

If you also own a business or a Telegram channel, you have definitely experienced the experience of buying a Telegram member as sweet or bitter.

Why can we experience buying a Telegram member as a sweet and bitter experience? The bitter experience was that you trusted an ID in the telegram and ordered a member, or a member was not hit for you, or you received a full fake or the same unreal member.

What is the best time to buy a Telegram member?
This is a guide file for Telegram channel admins or those who want to grow their Telegram channel in different ways. First of all, you should try to learn exactly when is the best time to buy a Telegram member. Should I buy a real Telegram member or a fake Telegram member?

If your channel is newly established, first of all try to prepare 50 quality and pure posts, even with a member you are. 50 posts that were prepared and published, it is better to buy a few Telegram fake members to increase the credibility of your channel. Many friends ask why buy a fake member? If you buy a real member from the beginning, you have to pay more, and instead the real members who enter the channel and see that there is no member will lift your channel.
Well, once you have purchased a few fake members, now is the time to buy a view for your 50 posts as well. That means doing exactly that so that no one notices that your channel is fake. Go to Landing to buy View One Telegram Member One and order a view or visit Telegram for your last 50 posts.

It’s time to dump her and move on. These types of members are real but have less activity than pop-up and proxy members.

Our suggestion is to start with the mandatory Telegram member first, and after a short time, buy a few pop-up members or the same optional member, and after the channel has stabilized, order a proxy member and proxy ads.

But you may be wondering what is the best way to buy a Telegram member now? Proxy links to which contacts are connected are currently one of the best hosts for advertising.

we accept UPI(Paytm) and paypal

  • To pay with UPI (Paytm) , send message to support : @lilisupp

There are 2 ways to increase your channel / group members in Telegram. (Long method and fast method)

Long method : 

In the long run, you increase the number of members of your channel by placing quality content and sharing with similar channels.

Fast method (recommended) :

Buy Telegram Subscribers

In this way, you buy a member for your channel / group at a low cost.

for example : ( 1,000 Fake Members only 5$ and 10,000 Fake Members only 39$ )

Buy Fake Telegram members

Buying a fake Telegram member is the cheapest way to increase your channel / group members. ( buy telegram subscribers)


In the page that opens, select the service you need. (Best-selling product: 10,000 fake members, $ 39)


In the page that opens, click on the yellow box. (ADD TO CART)

After displaying the above message, click on “VIEW CART”

Check the order and if it is correct, click on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”

Your Telegram ID : Enter your personal Telegram ID ( example: @yourname )

Your Channel / Group : Enter your channel or group ID ( example: @yourchannel – @yourgroup )

Whatsapp Number (optional) : Enter your Whatsapp Number (optional)


Select the payment method and click on “PLACE ORDER”


If you have any questions, please contact us :

Telegram Support : @lilisupp

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