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Telegram is the world’s largest social network, with more than 600 million monthly active users. The safest and most accessible social network is active.
Many users are added to the number of active users of the Telegram social network every day.
Telegram is a great social network for growing your business, given the large number of monthly active users, which is over 700 million. You can use this opportunity properly.


There are several ways to grow your Telegram business:

  • Advertising on Telegram channels
  • Advertising on sites
  • Buy Telegram members
  • Introduce to old customers


Each telegram channel, when established, has only one member, which is the founder of the channel. It is recommended to buy some members before doing any advertising.

Example :

You enter a telegram channel, do you think that if the channel already has ten thousand members, do you trust it more or when it has only ten members? Usually a telegram channel with ten thousand members has a better chance of attracting an audience. In addition to having a better chance of attracting a user, he has a better chance of buying a user from that business. Because users trust more.

Due to the growing social networks if you are a business owner. You must use social media to survive, otherwise you will be doomed. Telegram social network has many possibilities for business owners. Including the ability to create a channel that business owners can use to offer their products to users of the Telegram social network.

But there is a fundamental problem, and that is that when you set up a channel on the Telegram social network, in the first moment its members are only one person, and that is you. If you want to offer your services or products to Telegram social network users, they must first enter your channel and trust you, and then, in addition to buying from you, also become a member of your channel.
Even if you advertise for your business and the number of members of your channel in Telegram is small, that advertisement will not have any return for you. The first thing a user pays attention to is whether or not to trust a business on the Telegram social network is the number of channel members.
So what is the solution?
To solve this problem you have to buy Telegram members. Preferably, Fake members should be purchased at the beginning of the work.


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