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In this part of providing Telegram services, with the possibility of buying cheap Telegram group members for free and buying real group members, we are at your service, dear users. With this service, you can buy members for the Telegram group or the same members, and we will fulfill your orders in the shortest possible time, and finally, you will see an increase in the number of members of your Telegram group.It should be noted that all the cheap Telegram group members that we do for you will be completely real and you will not receive any fake Telegram group members from us.

Real telegram members

Fake telegram members



Buy Free Group Members

In some sites, people with all kinds of profitable policies and methods seek to sell a Telegram group member with names such as buy free Telegram group members and buy free Telegram group members. We suggest you before placing an order on the sales sites. Free Telegram Group members Make sure you do not face problems such as account hacking, account deletion, mass advertising, and other problems…. Because all the members of our Telegram group are completely real, we have provided you, dear users, cheaply, so that you can easily increase your cheap Telegram group members with one more confidence by paying a small fee.


Increase Free Telegram Group Membership

Today, due to the expansion of the Telegram messenger, many people are launching various types of Telegram channels and groups to create a virtual business, creating a friendly space for discussion and discussion, and the managers of these types of Telegram groups are thinking of increasing Group members are free, and some sites, as mentioned above, offer free fake Telegram Group members to users according to their policies, and in return for them, profit and ultimately the security of user accounts. Overshadow We suggest that if you are looking for a member of the Telegram group for free, try to use the membership software, which can be said that the members who are added in this way will be both fake group members and real members of the Telegram group, with only disadvantages and The downside of this software is the limitations in absorption and boring.


Buy Telegram Group Members

Well, in this part of TGMembers, you can use the tariffs that we have made available to you dear ones to buy cheap Telegram group members. After receiving the orders, we will add the requested members to your group in the shortest possible time. Which will be completely real.

Note: At present, we did not provide Telegram Group members fake services, we only have the services of buying real Telegram Group members, and you can make purchases through the following plans.

• Are you looking to buy members for Telegram Group that you can place your orders and increase your group members?
• Are you looking to buy real members of the Telegram group and do you plan to buy members for your Telegram group?
• Are you looking for a way to increase your cheap Telegram group membership and decide to get a cheap Telegram group member?
• Are you looking for the best Telegram Group member shopping site so that you can place your orders with more confidence?
• Are you looking for a member purchase site for Telegram Group?
• Are you looking for the cheapest site to buy real members of Telegram Group?

Do not worry at all, TG is always at your service, dear users, and you can buy group members at any time, even on holidays, and we will add the purchased members to your group as soon as possible after receiving your orders.

** If you want to buy other services of Sin and Telegram channel members, follow the link below.

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Follow the tips below!

– After buying real members of the group, be sure to be careful because a large number of members of your group will be added at once and at this moment there will be a crowd and disorder in the group that can lead to members leaving, so try to make your group professional Manage so that members do not leave the group.

– After purchasing each of the plans, first, make sure that the group member admin is open through the group settings.

– The duration of the order to increase the Telegram group member is 1 hour to 24 hours, so be patient.

– After buying real members for your Telegram group, first, add a picture and description for your group.

– Be sure to enter your group information carefully when registering your order so that your order can be done as soon as possible.

– TGMembers site has no responsibility for telegram policies and updates.

– Be sure to note that after registering the order and depositing the amount, the money will not be returned, so be sure and make the right decision.

– You must turn your group into a supergroup.


Buy Telegram Fake members for the Telegram group

• Sale of Telegram group fake members
• Member order ID in Telegram:

After being established in Telegram, each group needs members to chat or buy and sell products,

and this has been made easier for you by the fake member site,

and you can easily prepare fake group members with just a few clicks to increase the numbers

and prepare a real member. Prepare

TG site now offers a very exceptional price!


Buy Telegram Group Members

You can buy Telegram Group Memberships with a few simple clicks! Click here if you want to buy real members of Telegram Group Important information in buy fake members To buy fake group members, your telegram group must have a general idea

(You can return to the previous state after completing the order)

“If you do not know how to idea your group, contact Telegram Support”

that you can use effectively Discussions, questions and answers, advice, and tips that are done in Telegram groups are very useful because they increase the trust of users and chat. Managers who are new to the group and have a small number of group members often look for a way to increase their membership. Increasing group membership is one of the best ways to start a group In this method, you prepare as many members as you want for your group This method increases the number of members and increases the initial credibility of the group Because if you want to exchange with other groups and you do not have a member, they will not exchange with you, For this reason, most admins of newly established groups get numbers of members depending on the subject of the group.


Real telegram members

Fake telegram members


Features of buying fake group members from us

• Cheap and economical and reasonable price
• Local shedding and compensatory membrane shedding
• Deposit a fake member in the shortest time

And in higher numbers, you can order fake group members for your telegram groups. Telegram group membership is used when you are creating a friendly group or a group related to your business and you want to increase its real membership. Buy group members is one of the ways you can increase your group membership with complete confidence.


Why should we buy group members?

You do not care how many members your telegram group has? When your membership is low, a real member joins your group and they will not trust your group.

So buy a few fake group members who can do this trust for your contacts.

•Before buying group members, be sure to choose an idea for your group and put some posts in it

We suggest using a group management robot to manage it. When you are selling certain products, it is best to buy group members, but when you have special services, you should choose advertising and channel management.


Buy real and fake Telegram group members

Members are all real and are done through forced editing, members are online and a significant number of them may go offline and then online while editing, and some are offline. To edit the real member of the group, due to Telegram restrictions, to edit the real member and also to delete the user join message, our ed member team must be in the full admin group with all accesses, and also for the real member (not required for fake), the group must Be private. Since the members are real, you need to have more management on the group so that its order is not disturbed. The loss varies from 10 to 25% and the subject of the group and its management has a significant effect on reducing the loss. Please note that you must open the group membered from the group settings. Can be done up to 100 units (maximum capacity of Telegram supergroups).Order time 1 to 24 hours.


Important information in buy fake group members

The group must have the appropriate name and photo. It has a drop, about 10 to 20%, but due to the recent limitations of Telegram, which may fall on the fake member group, these numbers may be higher. The ability to edit in the group must be open.

Can be done up to 200 k.

Order time 1 to 24 hours.


It should be noted that if you buy Telegram members from TG more members than the amount purchased will be given to you as a gift.

Important points in buy Telegram group members. Dear users, please read the description carefully, if there is a problem, contact us.

Support Phone: First via Telegram, then SMS and finally Call: Telegram ID Support: @mayashfe

After registering each order, a message will be sent to us and there will be no need for you to call and follow up. Enter the requested information accurately and correctly execute orders faster. Our site is not responsible for updates and policies of Telegram as well as the loss of members.


Real telegram members

Fake telegram members




Telegram Support: @mayashfe

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