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If you own an online business and want to grow it, one of your options is to connect with the customer and sell more product ads on the Telegram channel.

These days, channels and their members are one of the most valuable assets of any business.

On the other hand, the global Subscribers market is also very hot. But why be careful in buying telegram members?

Why is the world member the most valuable type of member? Follow us in the rest of the article to find the answers to these questions.

Today, social networks and messengers have become an integral element in the lives of people around the world.

Our country is no exception to this rule and many worlds use different messengers and social networks every day.

But one of the top messengers that have been able to attract the most audience in the world is the popular Telegram messengers.

Telegram with its unique features such as a very smooth user interface, the possibility of using it as a cloud space, very high-security and. It has become the first option for online messaging.

One of the most attractive features of Telegram is the existence of channels.



Anyone can create a channel for themselves and talk to their audience in it one way.

The importance of channels lies in the high speed of information transfer and ease of use.

The topics of these channels are very diverse and wide, including news, entertainment, politics, economics, business, and so on. . . Cited.

Canals have become so popular that they sometimes have as many members as a city.

The more subscribers you have, the easier it will be for new users to join your channel.

Increasing your Telegram channel Subscribers is one of the concerns of Telegram channel managers that can boost your business.

Considering that in the early days of starting the Telegram channel, you need to expand the content of the product and increase the members of the Telegram channel, you should gain users ‘trust in the channel.

One of the points that can help you grow your business and increase users’ trust Help buy Telegram members and increase channel members

Ways to increase Telegram channel members


Which channel is the most valuable channel for a business?

You probably guessed right.

The channels that have the most audience (members) and of course those audiences also have the most interaction with the channel.

Now the main question is how to increase the members of a channel and how to interact with them better and more effectively.

Here are some very effective ways to increase subscribers:

1. Choose an attractive name for your channel.

If you are not yet a well-known brand and are free to choose your channel name, try to choose an attractive name for your channel.

The name of a channel is like a name on the cover of a book.

Try to keep the name you choose short and easy to remember.

Avoid choosing generic names and do not assign more than two or three words to the channel name.

Do not select popular channel names in any way.

Rest assured this will not attract you to the Subscribers.


If you were asked to introduce a telegram channel for entertainment, what would you call it?

We suggest you think about the features of these names and then choose your channel name.

2. Do not ignore the importance of the username (user name).

You will have to choose a username for your channel when creating the channel.

If you want your target audience to find you more easily, try to match your username to your channel name.

Also, avoid changing the spelling of English words.

Try to name your channel so that it can be typed in English.

Finally, if your username is completely different from the channel name, we suggest changing the channel name and adapting it to the username.

3. Take the channel description and profile photo seriously.

The first person to open your channel is more likely to go to the channel description and read it.

Try to express the most important points that are interesting for your audience with the shortest sentences and the simplest words.

In this case, the person will become a member of your channel and will accept that you are worth following.

Telegram channel images are also very important. Human video memory is much more powerful than text memory, so you should try to create a unique image for your channel.

Remember that Telegram displays profile pictures in a circle.

If you could use this feature to select the photo you want.


4. Use images in posts.

A picture is thousands of words.

Statistics show that content published in image format usually accounts for more than 50% of total daily views.

Also, most of the content produced is visual (about 50%), text (about 25.5%), video (about 16.2%). So use relevant and attractive images in your posts.

If you use video, do not forget to choose very high volumes for your videos. If you use post or video, be sure to put your channel or brand watermark in the corner.

Using this method, if your post is shared, people who are not your members will be introduced to your channel.

5. Generate content for the audience.

After purchasing members, content production is the most important point for the target audience.

Note that your audience will follow you because of the value you place on them.

So if he is going to dedicate his time to you, you have to give him something more valuable than time.

Always think about what your members need, what they expect from you, and why they are still following you.

Get feedback from your audience and be sure to do so will find the audience much more loyal than you thought.

6- Advertising on social networks

This can be done with or without cost.

If you post to other Telegram groups or even other social networks, other people will likely join your channel.

If your business has a website or other social network, You can attract new members by placing your channel link in it.

By interacting with other telegram channels, you can also ask them to forward one of your posts on their channel by exchanging links or even spending money.

Telegram members Kind


Virtual Member / Fake Member

1- It does not fall at all unless it deletes the telegram. Shelf life No drop from 40 days to 600 days

2- Members have no activity

3- Only for the working-class and that the number of channel members is high. That means they do not become customers for you. Otherwise, they directly improve the view of other users towards your channel.

Purchase, order Telegram member


Real member – mandatory ed with open lift

1- These members have no advantages and have been forcibly entered into your channel.

2- Members have no activity

3- Be sure to read more explanations in the relevant article

Purchase, order Telegram member


Real member – mandatory ed with open lift

1- These members have no advantages and have been forcibly entered into your channel.

2- Members have no activity

3- Be sure to read more explanations at the bottom of the table

Purchase, order Telegram member


Real Member – Compulsory ed with lift closed

1- The drop is very small, about 20%. These users have also entered your channel by force, but they are not allowed to leave temporarily

2- Members have no activity

3- Only for the working class and the number of channel members. This means that you will not be able to read the desired article for more explanations


Buy real members

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to increase the number of channel members is to buy members.

But how is this done? There are different types of members and methods for doing this, but the most effective type is buying real members.

Fake or bot members are just passive ids that subscribe en masse to channels.

But these members will never buy from you, will never even visit your posts, and will only increase the number of members.

Therefore, buying real members is the best option for your channel.


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