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What are force-add Telegram subscribers? how does it work?

How to buy real Telegram members?

You may have recently heard the word “real member”

and have questions such as questions in your mind.

It is not bad to have a general review of this issue and get acquainted with its nature.

So please stay with us until the end of the article.

A few years ago, when a phenomenon called the telegram arose and seriously affected the lives of many people,

businesses started operating in the telegram, many of which became lucrative.

The many channels that were created with different topics and were used to inform the people,

made the source of information for many people telegrams. Therefore,

the channels gained credibility by receiving more members and making their work more visible.

Let’s see how valuable a member is in the Telegram channel and can be vital for the channel owners.


What good is Telegram members?

The member is the most important thing for the channel.

In other words, a member is a sign of the credibility of a channel.

All the facilities and services that a telegram channel offers are for its members.

For this reason, there are many channels in different fields such as:

political, sports, news, cinema, store, jokes, tweets, fan pages of celebrities and… in Telegram,

each of which has its audience and quality Their better performance will increase the number of members.

subscribers are multiplied, especially in business channels.

Because each member can mean a customer to its owners.

This is why channels are working hard to attract more members,

and channels have been created in this area.

Many channels advertise to increase their subscribers and, naturally, they pay the price.

These ads can be done anywhere. Including Telegram itself, Instagram, various sites, or wherever virtual advertising can be done.

Thus, various channels were created with the theme of selling members fraudulently

or genuinely to newly established channels or channels that need to attract more members to make things easier for such channels.


What are real subscribers?

One of the types of recruitment in Telegram that is almost real is “Telegram Member Compulsory Ad” or “Compulsory Ad Member”.

This type of member absorption works quite realistically.

This means that the member assigned to the channel is completely real.

Numerous channels in the Telegram falsify themselves by attracting fake or counterfeit members,

and in a way, they only adorn their appearance so that if someone sees their channel by chance,

they will say to themselves, “It must be a reputable channel that has so many members.”

But in fact, the quality of that channel indicates its validity,

and as soon as that member becomes aware that the channel is counterfeit, he decides to leave it.

This is where the difference between a fake and a real member comes into play.

real subscribers in Telegram is not done by the software. Because a lot of software is made to buy and sell Telegram members, which are mostly fake.

But real subscribers are done only by owners of informal telegrams.

In this way, you are unknowingly entering a channel while you are unaware of it.

In general, this type of member recruitment is called compulsory subscribers.

In many cases, they even mute the notification so you don’t understand.

But how does this happen? How can we enter a channel without even knowing it?

In the following, we will answer these questions together.


How does buying real Telegram members happen?

Because Telegram is progressing day by day and its updated versions are immediately available to the public,

so there are more possibilities in the newer versions.

One of these features is the ability to force members to edit into another channel.

Of course, it should be reiterated that this feature does not exist in the original version of Telegram at all,

but only in unofficial telegrams, etc.,

it is created by professional programmers of these programs.

If you are a user of one of the unofficial telegrams,

it must have happened to you that when you check your list of channels,

you will notice a channel that you have not had before but you are a member of.

But it is also possible that you will not realize this for a long time while you are a member of a channel that you are unaware of.

It is up to the developers to determine what capabilities are available for this.

real subscribers are done in 3 ways. Normal, silent, hidden. In the following, we will describe each of them.

buying real members types

buy real subscribers as usual:

In this method, you enter a channel without wanting to,

and in the meantime, the message “You have entered a certain channel” is displayed to you,

and as a result, you will understand.

In this case, if you do not have the Bob Bob channel,

you will leave it immediately.

It should be noted that the member loss in this method is very high.


Forced member editing silently:

This method is similar to the first method,

except that the notification message does not come to you

and you almost do not realize that you have been forced to enter a channel.

Naturally, the member loss in this method is less than in the first method.


Forced member subscribers secret:

In this case, you enter a channel that you will never know.

Because both the message will not be shown to you and after your arrival

The channel will be hidden from your view or placed in the section of your private channels that you are less likely to access.

For this reason, the drop, in this case, is less than the other two methods,

because you are not aware of the presence of such a channel that you want to exit.

The posts of that channel will naturally decrease.

But the third method is a more suitable way than the first two methods

because it can be understood by considering the lower drop than the other two methods as well as ensuring the authenticity of the members.

The last benefit is that you make your channel more credible to your older members.


What is the capacity of real subscribers?

The capacity of each channel to buy real ed members is equal to one million.

This means that each channel can receive up to one million real members.

It should be noted that these members are 100% real.

Also, its decline is between 30 and 70%, which is a relatively large number.

For example, suppose a women’s clothing store channel buys real subscribers,

and by chance, the audience on that channel may include older men, children,

or people who have nothing to do with the channel.

So naturally, they leave the channel after watching it.


What can be done to prevent it from falling?

We can come up with a strategy to prevent people from being forced into the channel.

real sale of ed members to generic themed channels.

As we have said, the women’s clothing store is a specialized channel whose audience is women,

and if it uses the real telegram member,

it may attract people who are not related to it.

For this reason, compulsory subscribers must be sold to a channel that is more common among people.

For example, channels such as jokes, news channels, political channels, and other channels that people deal with the most.

For example, if a joke channel buys real subscribers,

the audience that enters it is more welcome than a channel like a lingerie store.

Specialized channels such as stores and…

It is better to use the optional member method or pop up, which gave itself another world.

buy real subscribers is the fastest way to increase subscribers.

So that we can allocate 100,000 real members per day to a channel,

which is too much to increase the daily subscribers.

Of course, it should be noted that there is another type of real ed member

that in this method it is not possible to leave the channel for the end member and the member will always remain in the channel.

Of course, we do not offer this feature at this time.


Why buy Telegram members first?

Purchasing a channel member is an initial investment to start a business.

If you want to start a business, you first have to invest some initial capital in it so that you can grow it.

For example, suppose you have just started a sandwich shop and you want to start from scratch.

You pay the initial cost for the required goods. Add more color and glaze to your shop.

You decorate for it. You offer many opportunities to attract customers.

You advertise widely and you pay for it. All this is done so that you can attract more customers

and increase your credibility with the people.

The same goes for a newly established channel.

A channel that is just starting to serve the people must first introduce itself to the people.

The channel is recognized by the people by its members

so that if someone enters a channel,

the first thing they check is the number of members to see how credible the channel is.

That’s why its owners at the beginning of the activity pay a fee to receive the initial members to attract the customer at first sight.

This purchase of an initial member is like the cost that the person pays for their sandwich shop.

How can we make sure that real ed members are real?

It is very convenient. You can connect with them after you buy real members to your channel.

Many channels buy fake members and after realizing it,

they can not do anything and it is not possible to communicate with that member,

and they realize that it is just fake telegram members account and is to protect the appearance.

But with full-fledged real subscribers,

you can get in touch with your registered members after making it to make sure it is valid.

Some important points to buy real Telegram members

Consider that attracting real members will come with a downside because the user can decide whether to stay or not.

If you see a place where they can guarantee that they will sell you, real members, without losing it, do not be fooled at all because it is impossible.

Be very careful in producing the contents of your channel because it has a direct relationship with increasing the subscribers and of course maintaining the current members.

Optional subscribers or pop-up is a better way for channels that want their content to be better viewed.

Real telegram members

Fake telegram members



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