Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers

What is buying fake members?

Are you thinking of creating a channel in Telegram?

Or do you have a channel that has few members and you are thinking of a way to increase your channel members and you are thinking of buying members?

What type of telegram member are you considering?

Do you have enough information about it?

Have you studied the disadvantages and advantages of it from all angles?

Making and buying the cheapest fake members,

the market is hot these days and many managers of Telegram channels

and Instagram pages are looking for the cheapest fake member price

and in most cases, even no accurate information about They do not know how to use a fake member of the negative effects it will have on their business.

Many are looking for training methods to build a fake member.

If you want to get information about this, be sure to read this article to the end.

Why buy the cheapest Fake Telegram members has so many fans?

Each Telegram channel, after being created by the admin,

will need a member, and the channel admin can add only 200 members of his two-way contacts to the channel at the very beginning,

after creating the channel. It is not possible to add more than 200 members,

and Telegram no longer allows you to add more people through admin contacts.

So channel managers should look for other ways to increase their channel telegram membership.

There are several ways to increase Telegram channel membership.

These include advertising on other channels,

the use of bots and membership programs, mandatory memberships, the use of advertising on informal messengers,

and fake members. In the following, we will explain the last way, which is to buy the cheapest fake members.



Real telegram members

Fake telegram members


What are Fake Members?

Fake or offline members are members who have been created using virtual numbers or belong to silent accounts.

These members are not real people.

Buy the cheapest fake members, even though it has no downfall,

will not have a visit for your posts and only has an appearance aspect in the number of channel members;

So it is recommended that you buy cheap Telegram views to create a credit for your channel.

Most fake members created with virtual numbers have the same name, no profile picture, or just one picture,

and are usually online at the same time, usually a few weeks or a month ago.

Why buy Telegram Fake Members?

Newly established channels are usually advised to look for the cheapest fake member

and the cheapest way to buy force add Telegram members for their channel.

Because attracting fake members for the Telegram channel makes the channel look attractive at first and gives the channel some initial credibility.

It is for everyone that when we enter a channel and see that the number of channel members is small.

We leave the channel. But why do we do this?

Because when the number of members of a channel is low,

it indicates that the channel is not attractive or its products and content are not valid.

Although the owner may provide a quality channel, service, content, or product.

But in general, it is the number of members that gives credit to a channel.

So buying the cheapest fake members to get the channel up and running can be great.

In addition, fake members will help attract real members to the channel.

One of the most important advantages of Telegram Fake members is that you can attract and buy them very quickly.

Also, by paying the lowest cost, it gained the highest number of Telegram messenger channel members.

One of the disadvantages of fake members is that they do not visit the posts,

and to solve this problem, you can also buy visits for your channel posts. However,

the intention to buy the cheapest fake members should not be to increase traffic.

If you want to experience traffic to your posts, you need to attract or buy real members for your channel.


What to do after buying fake members?

Although we have explained the advantages and disadvantages of buying fake members for you

and we are ready to provide any channel member service for your dear ones.

But to be able to properly benefit from the buy Telegram group members,

we needed to remind you of some points.

According to psychologists, the human brain is designed in such a way that when a person or action is approved by a large number of people,

the risk, stress, and fear of doing that work are reduced for the person to go to him more easily.

Despite this feature of the human brain,

it can be concluded that the audience is more flexible against channels with more members,

and these channels have more credibility in their minds.

With this in mind, it can be said that buy the cheapest fake members up to a few thousand members,

along with extensive Telegram advertisements, can help your channel thrive.

But this is possible if you follow the tips below and take them seriously.

How to buy cheap fake members?

Important points about buying the cheapest fake members

Try to have an attractive channel, this includes all the features of the channel such as name, profile picture, post pictures, and.

You should try to design all of these items quite attractive and relevant to the topic of your channel.

Try to increase the channel membership in any other way.

By sharing links with other channels, advertising in supergroups, other social networks, and the web.

Keep publishing posts and do it at the right time.

The times when the audience visits the posts a lot.

Involve channel members by producing quality content and content marketing Keep.

Finally, it should be noted that not only by buying the cheapest fake members

but even by buying real members, it is not possible to keep the audience on the channel without a program.

The main issue is the content and quality of your channel.

So be sure to follow the essential points that were said.


Buy the cheapest fake members from TG

If you want to increase your Telegram member with high speed and plan to attract a real member,

you can start your business by buying the cheapest Telegram fake members or buying fake Instagram followers from TG Start.

TG is at your service by providing channel members with the lowest price.


Buy Telegram Fake Members | Buy cheap members

The more channel members there are, the more and deeper impact it can have on the audience.

Therefore, by Buying fake members and increasing the number of members,

the probability of attracting customers and even attracting a real member increases.

In channels with a small number of members,

advertising and attracting members is more difficult than in channels with a high membership,

because the more channel members there are,

the more likely it is that the first person to enter the channel will become a member.

Usually, admins provide several fake members at the beginning of the channel to validate the channel.

By buying fake members, you will give credit to your business because customers will see your high number of members, their trust in you will increase.

By increasing the number of channel members through the fake member,

the channel becomes more popular and accelerates the process of increasing the actual member and the growth of the channel.

Fake members will be self-destructed by Telegram after 6 months of being offline.

Our site is not responsible for updates and new policies of Telegram, as well as the loss of members.

Members have a drop.

Feel the difference between us.


Real telegram members

Fake telegram members



What percentage of Fake members is lost?

This type of membership usually drops 10 to 20 percent and may lift from your channel

Telegram channel membership is done in several ways, which we will explain to you in the following


Fake server members

The server members are such that the deleted virtual numbers and accounts are members of the channel

You get this type of membership in the early days has no decline but over time

In a few months, when Telegram gets stuck on the servers, all your members will be deleted at once

All the fake members you hit will be deleted from your channel

So this type of fake server member is not suitable for TG customers


buy hidden members

hidden membership is secret

Also, if you pay attention to its name, hidden members mean who is in your channel but can’t see your channel

That is, users who subscribe to your channel but notice their presence

They are not in that channel

This means, for example, 1000 hidden users will be added to your channel

Members are all real, but if you follow members, they will tell you that

Your channel is not on my channel list

This membership has a drop of 10 to 20%, but the survival of 70% remains

It seems like it’s so high that the Telegram server is not all in one place

Clear your channel and get all your members to 0 and all the trouble you put in

Be cleaned one day

You can contact the site support and get advice for purchase and advice


What type of TG team members are there?

TJMembers team Have best-hidden members

buy Fake Telegram members,

buy real members of the channel, and cheap Telegram votes with the best quality of our specialty!

Increasing Telegram membership will give credit to your channel or group and attract other members and help you earn money.

The more people present in the Telegram channel,

the more the channel’s credibility will double and the easier it will be to earn money,

and the faster you will see the progress of your channel.

Increasing votes and likes in competitions,

polls, and telegram challenges is one of the best ways to be first and prove yourself among competitors.

Do not lag behind others!

Increase votes in all competitions and increase likes on the channel and group for child challenges and other polls

Increase the special vote of high-speed elections with the best possible quality without being eliminated!

24-hour support for all purchased services

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Why TG Members

Why do professionals choose our site to buy fake Telegram members?

What is the reason for buying real Telegram members from our site?

Why do they buy Telegram likes and votes from us in contests and polls:

  1. High Quality
  2. Adjustable order speed if needed
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  5. 24-hour support for confirmed orders
  6. Methods and methods are updated after Telegram updates
  7. Secure gateway to pay and track orders
  8. Secure connection of the site with the HTTPS protocol

TG Members Services Listed as follows:

  1. Telegram likes and votes
  2. Telegram channel fake member
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  7. Instagram follower fake
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